Come to Darling Botanical Co and learn an ancient method of medicine-making! Herbal honeys are delicious and so incredibly pleasurable to make. Everything about the process is sensual and glorious. We will discuss the history of honey, its medicinal properties, and how to incorporate honey as a potent preventative in seasonal health. Each participant will get to make a custom blend to fit his or her own medicinal desires using organic herbs, and local raw honey. Recipes, and ideas will be provided. All supplies are included. Please Join us for a magical morning of honey tasting, crafting, and learning about herbs and honey. All ages are welcome. Cost is 33$

about the teacher.
Arianna Wasserman is the creator of Gaia Nectar, a community of collaborators with the intention of bringing plants and people together. Arianna started her career with a 3 month internship in 2015 for Wet Velvet Tea House Experience in Arizona where she learned how to wildcraft herbs, make salves, teas, and herbal honeys. She also worked with Essential Oil Wizardry in 2017 co-formulating essential oil infused Honeys with a licensed pharmacist. Her studies have inspired a deep rooted heart centered appreciation for plants. Since 2015 Arianna has been excited about wild harvesting plants, handcrafting herbal honeys, teas, salves, smoking blends, bath potions, and studying the medicinal properties of plants. When she is not playing with plants, she is playing cello, working at a terrarium store in downtown Traverse City, and wild harvesting mushrooms in Northern Michigan.